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Dear user, you can find answers to frequently asked questions about altLife here! If you still cannot find the answers you are looking for you can contact us.


What is altLife?

altLife is a dating and social networking app for singles, couples and businesses interested in alternative lifestyles, kink, and non-vanilla relationships. altLife is a 100% inclusion positive app and openly welcomes all genders, sexual identities, orientations and persuasions.

What is altLife Premium?

While altLife is available for free on the iOS App Store, you can access an enhanced set of features by upgrading to altLife Premium, including:

• Unlimited Swipes, which lets you see and interact with an unlimited number of Profiles per day.

• Roaming, which lets you see and interact with Profiles in up to 10 different locations at the same time.

• Unlimited DMs, which allows you to directly contact other users via unlimited direct messages, regardless of matching status.

• Unlimited Backtracking, which allows you an unlimited number of Backtracks per day if you change your mind about how you want to interact with another user.

• Grid View, which lets you see and interact with all the profiles that fit your Search Filters in a grid format, including Profiles you have already seen on the Swiping View page.

Does altLife have an age limit?

As per the altLife Terms & Conditions, the age limit for using altLife is 18 years old.


What signup/login methods are supported?

altLife currently supports signup/login via facebook, google, SMS, as well as email.

What account types are supported?

altLife currently has three account types: single user, couple, and business.

If your circumstances should change after signup has been completed, it is possible to convert a single account to a couple account and vice versa from the Profile page.

What genders and sexual identities can one choose from?

altLife is deeply committed to openness, diversity, and inclusion of all genders and sexual orientations in its user community. Users can choose from a long and dynamic list of commonly found genders and orientations during signup. The user can also change these selections at any later time via the Profile Page.

altLife also gives you easy to use tools to customize and more clearly define your own unique gender and sexual identity and add it to the growing dynamic list. This feature allows you to fully express your identity while at the same time making the altLife community richer and more diverse in the process.

As the altLife Search Filters do take gender information into account, care should be taken when selecting gender as this will have an impact on how many other users will see your Profile and therefore also the number of matches you might expect.

How do I edit my profile information?

You can edit your Profile information at any time by accessing the Profile Page.

How do Public and Private Photo Galleries work?

To improve your chances of finding matches, it is recommended to include one or more photos in your Profile. altLife allows for two types of photos: Public Gallery photos which can readily be seen by anybody who can see your profile card, and Private Gallery photos, which are blurred out for all other users by default. Other users can request access to your private gallery directly from your Profile card as well as from Chat. If you change your mind after granting another user such access, you can revoke Private Gallery access from Chat at any time. Both Public and Private Galleries are subject to screen by nudity/explicit photos filters, and inappropriate images will be flagged and removed.


How do i set my Search Filters?

During signup you are invited to specify your gender preferences as well as your interests, kinks, and fetishes, which will be used by altLife to determine which users to show you and in which order. You can further refine your Search Filters at any time by going to the Search Filter Page, where you can modify the following list of filters:

• Gender Preferences

• Interests, kinks and fetishes.

• Whether you want to see singles, couples, and/or business Profiles. If you specify that you want to see users of a particular gender AND that you wish to see couple Profiles, altLife will show you couple Profiles where both people are of that gender as well as couple Profiles where only one of the people are of that gender.

• Age Range. If you specify that you want to see couples, altLife will show you couple Profiles where at least one of the people fit within the specified age range.

• Location(s) (for Premium users you can specify up to 10 concurrent locations to search in) as well as radius (Distance) around that Location of up to 250mi/402km.

How does matching work in altLife?

A Match takes place in altLife when a user whose Profile you have interacted with by indicating a Like has also done the same and Liked you back. You can access and indicate that you Like a Profile in the following different ways:

• By interacting with the Profile on the Swiping View Page and clicking the Like (heart shape) button or by swiping the card to the right.

• By interacting with the Profile on the Swiping View Page and clicking the DM (chat bubble shape) button, and then proceeding to send the user a DM. All DM types (text, voice clip, photo, location, grant or request private gallery access) count as a Like.

• By accessing the Profile from the Grid View Page and clicking the Like (heart shape) button.

• By accessing the Profile from the Grid View Page and clicking the DM (chat bubble shape) button, and then proceeding to send the user a DM. All DM types (text, voice clip, photo, location, grant or request private gallery access) count as a Like.

• By accessing the Profile from Chat and clicking the Like (heart shape) button.

A Match can be undone either by accessing the card from Grid View or Chat and clicking the Unlike (X shape) button, or by hitting the Backtrack (backwards double arrow shape) button in Swiping View and then clicking the Unlike (X shape) button, or by blocking or reporting a Profile either from Grid View or from Chat.


How do DMs work in altLife?

DMs allow for direct chat between altLife users, whether or not they are matched. A new chat is automatically established every time you Match with another user, or when you DM another user, or when another user DMs you. The Messages Page shows a list of all Chats you have with other users at any given time. The Filtered list includes messages from your Matches as well as other users you have matched with even if they do not fit your current Search Filters, and the Everybody list shows all users who currently have a Chat established with you.

DMs in altLife are more feature rich than most other dating apps, and include sending photos, sending expiring photos, sending voice clips, sending location, requesting and granting private gallery access, editing and deleting messages as well as entire conversations.

Premium users enjoy unlimited DMs while Standard users have unlimited DMs with their Matches but are subject to a daily quota of DMs with users they are not matched with.

All Chats are encrypted using the AES-128 algorithm.

How do I BLOCK or REPORT another user?

If somebody is bothering you or you do not wish them to be able to see your information or contact you on the app for whatever reason, you can block and/or report the user, either by accessing the Profile from Grid View or Chat, or by blocking or reporting directly in Chat. This will delete the Chat between you and will prevent the other user from seeing your Profile anywhere in the app.

How can I avoid being contacted by people i’m not interested in?

If you are looking to avoid being contacted by people who do not fit your Search Filters, you can make your profile completely invisible to users who do not fit your Search Filters even if you fit theirs, by going to the Visibility Page in Settings.


How can i secure my account?

At altLife we recognize that you may want to keep your alternative lifestyle dating activity private and secure. To that end, our app has a much stronger emphasis on protecting your account security than most other dating apps. You can activate both a PIN and a timed Auto-Lock feature on the Security Page in Settings. You can also enable the Self Destruct feature, which will lead to your account being deleted in the case of 5 consecutive failed PIN entries taking place. AltLife also has a Session Management feature which allows you to see if you are logged on to the app on any other devices, and (if you wish) terminate all such other sessions.

Photos and privacy

At altLife we recognize that you may want other users to get to know you including how you look, but at the same time you want to be able to manage the way you share your photos with others in order to satisfy your own privacy concerns. Sharing of your photos should happen on your own terms! To this end, altLife has a number of tailor-made and useful features:

• Private Photo Galleries allow you to control who can see your photos via an access control mechanism including both grant access and revoke access functionality.

• Face pixelation tool for use when you upload photos to both Public and Private Photo Galleries. This tool allows you to share your overall awesome look while pixelating your face to protect your identity.

• Ability to send regular as well as expiring photos in Chat.

• Ability to delete (for both sender and receiver) photos sent in Chat.

• Notification if receiver tries to take a screenshot of an expiring photo.

How do I keep my chats private and secure?

In order to allow you to chat and communicate safely and securely, altLife provides a number of useful tools, including the ability to edit and delete messages (both for yourself only as well as for yourself and the person you are chatting with). You can also delete an entire conversation, again either just for yourself or for yourself and the person you are chatting with. All chats are also encrypted with the AES-128 algorithm making them protected from more sophisticated external attempts at snooping or eavesdropping.

How do I control who can see my account/my information?

The Visibility Page in Settings allows you to control your Profile’s visibility on altLife. Here you can access the following visibility controls:

• Snooze your account, which will make you invisible too all users, except your existing matches who will remain accessible.

• Share My Age.

• Share My Location.

• Whether or not your Profile is visible to users who do not fit your Gender and Age filters.

• Whether or not your Profile is visible to users who do not fit your Location filters.

How can i delete my account?

While we don’t want to see you go, we at altLife understand that sometimes this is nevertheless desired or necessary. As such, you can delete your account on the Account Page in Settings using the Delete Account button. All your user data and information will then be permanently deleted without a trace.

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