The #1 dating and social networking app for

The #1 dating and social networking app for

Designed for singles, couples and businesses interested in alternative lifestyles, kink, and non-vanilla relationships.

Because vanilla dates are boring.

Because vanilla dates are boring.

  Find Your Type

altLife helps you find exactly who and what you are looking for by providing comprehensive, relevant, and customizable search filters, including for singles/couples, gender, sexual orientation, and of course your interests, kinks, and fetishes.

  Match & Connect

altLife has simple and intuitive ways to connect you with suitable matches, including mutual like as well as sending direct messages (DMs).

You can browse profiles both in a card deck format as well as (for Premium members) in a grid view where all profiles who fit your search filters can be seen together.

  Chat Freely

altLife has created a rich and user friendly direct message (DM) system that allows for a number of useful features, such as: ability to edit and delete messages, send photos, send expiring photos (with screenshot protection), send voice clips, request, grant and revoke access to private photo galleries, and finally the ability to quickly and easily delete entire conversations.

All chats are encrypted with the AES-128 algorithm, making them protected from more sophisticated external attempts at snooping or eavesdropping.

  Roam The World

Expand your search beyond your own city! altLife allows you to specify up to 10 active locations at the same time.

  Seriously Secure

At altLife, we recognize that you may want to keep your alternative lifestyle dating activity private and secure. To that end, our app has a much stronger emphasis on protecting your account security than most other dating apps.

You can activate both a PIN and a timed Auto-Lock feature on the Security Page in Settings. You can also enable the Self Destruct feature, which will lead to your account being deleted in the case of 5 consecutive failed PIN entries taking place.

altLife also has a Session Management feature which allows you to see if you are logged on to the app on any other devices, and (if you wish) terminate all such other sessions.

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